Friday, September 10, 2010

They made it!

On Wednesday morning I received our first letter from dad and mom. They still have no internet, but were able to use one at the mission home so we could have a letter :) I guess dad has been working on this letter since they arrived.
To start off, their flight was delayed because of fog, but they did end up making it there safely.
Their apartment is a small townhouse and reminds them of a doll house. They have a king size bed, but it is a king size bed for Philippinos, so in reality it is a small queen size. The toilet is little and close to the ground and the stove and sink for the kitchen are outside on the porch. They have 2 fans and an air conditioner window unit that if they turn it on 1hr before they go to bed, they will be cool enough to be able to sleep. They have no hot water, but the church has installed a filter so they can at least drink the water.

Dad mentioned in the letter quite a few times that it was hot and humid! He also reminded us that they are in the cooler months now! Can't wait for the hot ones!
One of the first things he got to do was go get a drivers license. The roads have few lines if any, and no stop lights or traffic signs. At some busy intersections there are traffic police, but nothing other than that. Four lane roads are made into six lane roads because you can drive where you want to! He said making a left hand turn is a joke! Their goal for the week was to be able to make it to the mission home and the 4 churches (in 1 piece j/k) and home again without getting lost. They had almost mastered it when he wrote :)
They haven't been able to teach anyone yet, but they have been visiting people in the wards. They were able to meet with a family that has 3 kids (10,9, &5), that had just made it to the temple to be sealed. The dad was building a house for them. They got to go see the house. It had dirt floors, cinder block foundation and a tin roof. The walls weren't quite done, but they were made of cardboard and thin particle boards. As mom and dad were leaving it started to rain. It rained all through the night. Dad says that he stayed awake most of the night praying that those kids would be safe and dry. He says that he doesn't think that they were dry, but at least he knew that they were safe and they were an eternal family. Dad says that the poverty is going to be really hard. It makes his heart hurt. I know that it does the same to mom.
They have been given the assignment to make 5 branches into a stake. Mom is teaching family history classes to the branch consultants on Saturdays and Sundays. Looks like the Lord has plans to keep them busy while they are there!
They are hoping to have internet sometime this week, but aren't sure when. So, until then it is just letters without pictures. I will post some as soon as I get them.

From what we all can tell, they love it so far!


  1. Woo hoo! They are there. Sounds like a BIG assignment, but your folks can do it.

  2. My heart is so full reading about the people of the philippines. Your Dad is the kindest man I know and so is your Mom. I know how hard it is for them to see people in those conditions. But, the good news is that the Lord will bless the peoople through your parents, because of their love and compassion for others. Love them both. Thanks for the updates Kim. I'll get a letter off to them soon.