Friday, September 24, 2010

Pictures of the Week

Ask and ye shall receive! I asked mom for pictures to go along with last weeks letter, and she sent me some. Sorry for the delay in posting, but here goes!

This is their newest addition to the townhouse, a lightning rod. This is the only way they could get a good enough signal to have internet. No gecko picture (the one from dad's pants). He passed away quietly....

This is the city Silang in the Province of Cavite (seems to be a suburb of Manila). The street is lined with trikes for hire. From the looks of it, it is raining. Dad would probably comment that it is humid and hot!
These are trikes for hire that wait across the street from mom and dad's townhouse.

If you look closely at the trike in front, there is a man taking a nap. Isabel doesn't think that would be very comfortable beacuse he doesn't have a blanket or pillow. (A blanket would probably make it unbearably hot I would think....)

This is a picture of the Manila Temple from across the street where the Distribution Center, Bishop's Office, Family History Library and MTC are. The people are from a temple tour group. I think dad mentions the tour group in one of his letters, just don't remember which week.

This wiring is located on a building near the church. Nice.....

Other than the trikes for hire across the street from their townhouse, there are also lots of Royal Palms. Mom says that it is interesting how the trunk is green near the top of the tree.

This is the fruit of the Royal Palm. They have not had the opportunity to eat it, but are sure that as long as it is edible, they will find out what it is and what it tastes like soon.

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