Monday, September 6, 2010

On Their Way!

We (Kim, Brady,Isabel & Ben) had the opportunity to take mom and dad to the airport on Monday, August 30th. Jon and Chris made it to say goodbye one last time before we left. All of us actually said our goodbyes the night before, when dad gave us all father's blessings, in-laws and grandkids too! We left at 6:30pm to make sure that they would be at the airport 2hrs before their flight left. As far as we know, the flight really did leave at 9:40pm as it was supposed to. Here they are in front of the airport.
Isabel actually got out of the truck to help them with their bags. Ben was asleep and woke up right when we got there. He was not very plesant, so Isabel was the one who said goodbye.
Fish kisses for grandpa!
I asked mom and dad if they were nervous yet or just excited. Mom said that she was getting there, that now it was definitely more real. Dad said that he just felt inadequate. It reminded him of going to Germany, getting off the plane and not knowing what to say or how it would be. He said he didn't like that feeling and now he was going to do it again. I told him it would make him a better missionary cause he would work harder :) Like they both wouldn't be good missionaries in the first place!
Isabel was a big help getting the bags ready and hooking them up!
Brady and Isabel went in to help them with the bags, Ben and I stayed out with the truck. As Ben saw them leaving he started crying. He wanted to go with them. This could be a long 2 years. Too bad he was being a turkey and wouldn't wave to them or give them hugs....
We got home a little bit later and the phone rang. It was mom. I thought we were going to have to run back to the airport quick cause they forgot something, but she just wanted to tell me where the temple names were so the family could do sealings. Guess we need to get that done before they get back :) So, even though we haven't heard from them yet, we are under the assumption that all is well and they made it safely!


  1. That's cool you could take them to the airport and your dad was able to give you all father's blessings. Hope you hear from them soon. :)

  2. So delighted to be able to watch this new stage in their lives. What a great influence for good they are going to be!

  3. Can't wait to hear about their first impressions! Our prayers are with them each day.

  4. I am your Dad's cousin on the Morgan side. this is so great to have a blog of he and your Mom's great adventures while on a mission. My Dad, Uncle Jack, to your Dad, was excited for the call and asked me to keep him informed of their mission experiences.