Friday, September 24, 2010

FHE Pictures

Here are the pictures to go with the stories from letter 3. They are all from the Family Home Evening activity. (Dad's letter called it a branch activity....FHE or Branch it what you like!)

Bulihan Branch FHE decoration sign.

This is most of the members of the branch. The little guy on the floor wearing yellow was moms friend.

Here he is again. He loved to look at pictures of himself on the camera! Mom didn't catch his name.... ( I think that kids were the hardest to understand on my mission.....they talk fast and not with the correct grammar....)

This is 'Phillipine Genius", one of their favorite games. They hold up a picture beind you and you have to guess what it is. (Sounds like 50 questions where you can only answer yes or no to guess what it is...)

Dad playing Philippine Genius. He was the first one picked to play. He didn't realize he had the option to pass! Mom says that they thought he was really smart. He guessed 'sweet roll', but they had no idea what that was, then he guessed 'donut' and got it right. (This was after asking a bunch of questions.)

Refreshments...... it was rice and a bunch of other food. Chicken curry with carrots I think.

This is the "Finish the Lyric" game. There were word strips on the floor in a random order. The others would start singing part of a hymn. When they stopped singing, the team had to grab the next 7 words of the song and put them in the right order, in 10 seconds. Dad got put on the team with all the young women hehehe and mom was on a team with a few women and 2 young men.

These are the men of the branch singing 'Praise to the Man". Mom said that she missed getting pictures of dad doing the lesson on the iron rod. She said that he did a great job. Mom was in charge of the spiritual thought and dad said that she did a great job. Sounds like they are doing a great job huh?! There was one more picture of people that had just had birthdays, being sung to. They got candy as a treat. Mom says that sugar or 'sweet things' are a big problem there. The kids are given candy at church to keep them quiet. The older kids, even the men go around with suckers in their mouths at church....hence the loss of teeth early on.....more pictures to come....


  1. Awesome! Looks like they are having a lot of fun times. :)

  2. Grant's getting quite a tan. Janene, we need to see pictures of you, too!The pictures bring back such great memories!! Keep up the great work!
    Love, Janel