Monday, September 5, 2011

Week 37

June 6, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

It is hard to believe that another week has gone by. This has been a busy week for us. It seems that we have spent more time in the car than anywhere else this week. We are trying to work hard but there are some days that it’s hard to determine if we have done anything productive. We hope those kind of days will be fewer and fewer. The weather is still hot and humid. We are amazed to see the crops that were planted 2 weeks ago – the corn is now over a foot tall. Warm, wet weather is just what the crops need. We have pictures of a lot of plants and trees that are beautiful but we still need to identify them.

On one of our many road trips this week we found our retirement home and located close to our retirement home is a great little business that we could use as an investment for our future. The business has a great location (next to a busy street) and it already has name recognition. We thought it would be a slam dunk! What do you think?

Well our week went something like this. Monday was our monthly Family Home Evening/madhouse. We love having the missionaries over to our house. They are great kids. Tuesday we were off to Manila for interviews with President Howard. We are so grateful for President and Sister Howard. We will miss them so. This was our last interview with him. Wednesday was our preparation day. Thursday our missionaries asked if we could take them and a member to Trece Martes (Provincial Capital) to get some birth certificates for three family members that are to be baptized on June 11th. The birth certificates were needed to register them in school – if they could not be enrolled in school they would need to go back to their previous residence to attend school. We were happy to help them out. The government does not mail out these documents.. So everyone comes to the government offices to pick up the needed records. We left at 6:30am with the hope of beating the crowd but we pulled number 382. It was a long wait! About 3:30 the process was completed only to find out that the person picking up the records had to have her own birth certificate to prove she was a family member. Well, we went back again on Friday morning. We had success and they were able to be enrolled in school and they will be baptized on June 11th. Saturday we were off to Manila once again. The senior couple Elders were asked to attend an Area Training meeting for Stake Presidencies. Elder Edwards, the Area President, conducted the training. This is his last training meeting also since he will be released as of July 1st after 5 years as the Area President of the Philippines. The training was very valuable and a spiritual feast. Sunday we attended 2 block meetings and went Home Teaching in the evening. It was a busy week but we wonder how effective we were in missionary work. But this is all the Lord’s work and as President Benson said, “It’s a great work. And it is work!”

Mom spoke with the District President while I was in a Home Teaching meeting and she has received an assignment to speak in the upcoming District Conference about the importance of Family History. She will do great. This next week looks promising for regular missionary work and visits. We’ll see what the Lord has in store for us.

Next Sunday is the Philippines Independence Day. We wonder how they