Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 43

July 20, 2011
Dear Family and Friends,
Wow, another week has gone by. The time is racing past us. On July 23 we will have one year remaining in the Philippines. The daily rain showers are increasing in duration and frequency. We have had a few tropical storms blow through and a typhoon but so far it hasn’t been too bad. The amount of rain that falls is incredible. The Philippines has an average of 20 typhoons during the rainy season so we are looking forward to some wild and crazy times. We are still amazed with the beauty of this land. We have never been in a tropical climate before so the lush green vegetation is very beautiful.
 The little children are also a delight for us. We were able to help with a Family History Training workshop for our branch this week and the kids love to gather around us. They love to ask me things in Tagalog to see if I understand. They are patient with me and sometimes very helpful. I was setting up the computer with a flash-drive device that would enable us to have mobile internet access and they saw the Tagalog Tutor icon on the desktop. They were fascinated with this program and asked me to play it for them over and over again.  We all had fun with it and laughed at the pronunciation by the computer.