Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 34

May 16, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Magandang umaga. Another week has slipped by. Most days the time seems to go by so quickly. The weather is still very hot. We are still without internet service so we will send this letter if the internet is ever functioning again.

Well, it is later and the internet is working – who said that we don’t believe in miracles.

Sister Howard is making more progress. She has been in the hospital for over a month now. She is getting stronger. She has a rare drug resistant strain of pneumonia. Her kidneys are functioning well. She is off of the respirator and her white blood cell count is reduced significantly since last week. She is in isolation because of the bacterial infection but she is doing better. We have witnessed a miracle in her life. We continue to pray for her and for President Howard.

We really enjoy our senior couples. We love being in the Temple together with our missionaries. Friday, May 13th was originally scheduled by President and Sister Howard as our senior trip to Tagaytay but that was placed on hold due to Sister Howard’s illness. That day happened to be Elder Spencer’s birthday so we decided to go to Tagaytay and celebrate as senior couples.

We had a great time and ate at a bed and breakfast restaurant called Sonja’s Garden.

It is an all-you-can eat restaurant but with a twist. The menu is set and they bring it to your table in different courses. If you like something in particular they will bring you more of that item until you tell them to stop. It was good but it was more different than good. Being different made it a great place to eat. We had fresh squeezed orange juice, green salad, hot bread, pasta, salmon belly (no one really liked that so I had my fill of salmon), and some interesting desserts (fried bananas with jack fruit, rice cakes, very rich chocolate cake and candied potatoes – not sweet potatoes but regular potatoes caramelized in brown sugar).